Hunt takes a look at the storied persecution of witches through a feminist lens. The work delves into a time in women’s history that has become symbolic of female strength and independence, reimagining who these women were—how they lived and why they died. Avoiding mythic retellings and scholarly interpretations, Hunt asks questions about human nature in times of unrest and our susceptibility to herd mentality, while transporting the audience to a time and place where the peculiarities of these women are brought to life.

Choreographed by: Sumi Clements
Dancers: Sumi Clements, Angela Curotto, Allie Lochary, Dani McIntosh, Julie McMillan, Devin Oshiro, Taryn Vander Hoop, Meg Weeks, Megan Wubbenhorst (Apprentice: Allie Harris)
Music: Original Composition by Kyle Olson.