Updating Route,
Please Standby


Updating Route, Please Standby reflects on the relationship between expectation and reality, and the necessity for an ever-present openness to recalculate our positions in life. The piece takes into consideration how society, the media, literature, and other forms of visual culture have molded our understanding of what we are to achieve within certain time frames, and dismisses these preconceptions in favor of simple re-evaluation and advancement. Our lives rarely materialize in the way we envision; and even though the outcome might not be so different from the intended one, the route there winds dramatically.

Choreographed by: Sumi Clements
Dancers: Sumi Clements, Angela Curotto, Allie Lochary, Dani McIntosh, Julie McMillan, Devin Oshiro, Taryn Vander Hoop, Meg Weeks, Megan Wubbenhorst (Apprentice: Allie Harris)
Music: Lorn