Educational Outreach & Children's Performances

We believe that creativity and imagination are important skills that can be taught. Cultivating creative minds is essential not only for the arts, but for future innovators in science, business, global relations and engineering. Summation Dance’s educational program brings dance into the schools, offering performances as well as movement and composition classes to children who may not otherwise have exposure to the arts.
Summation Dance uses the DOE Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Dance to create our curriculum. We tailor our material to be age appropriate using the grade benchmarks in the blueprint as a guide. Depending on the length of the residency, one to all of these topics will be covered:
  • Dance Making: Developing skillsets and utilizing techniques to create movement sentences
  • Cultivating Dance Literacy: Understanding dance as a means of expression and communication
  • Making Connections: Understanding dance history and the social and cultural significance of dance in the world at large
  • Working With Community and Cultural Resources: Engaging with the community and cultural institutions to expand dance knowledge beyond theater walls
  • Exploring Careers and Lifelong Learning: How to keep dance in our lives
If you are interested in having Summation Dance come into your school to perform and/or teach a workshop, or would like to see an example of our curriculums, please contact us at: