Project Highway HabitUS:

Habitus: A sociological system aimed at understanding why individuals perceive the world as they do, and how this, in turn, informs their behaviors and participation within society.

From 2016 – 2019, Sumi and Taryn traveled intermittently by Camper Van around the country researching ideas of how geography shapes political and cultural ideology. This concept was loosely inspired by, and developed in tandem with, the 2016 election cycle. We believed there could not be a more apropos time to observe the country as it grapples with recent and coming changes.
Our research investigates not only what divides us, but also what unites us. We’ve danced at community centers in Kentucky, met the street-dwelling Bathrobe Poet in New Orleans, been to the border of Mexico and the mountains of Colorado, attended a pro-life rally in North Carolina, the Women’s March in NYC, and much more. We collect our findings through interviews, outreach, observation, photography and video. This project is intended to celebrate the diversity and complexities of our nation, and we hope that PHH inspires more people to make connections with those on the other side of the invisible lines we draw around ourselves and our beliefs.
The culmination of Project Highway HabitUS was intended to be a multi-media evening-length work featuring Summation Dance company members, dancers and performers we met during our travels, and special guests. The performance was set to take place May 28-30, 2020 at The Invisible Dog in Brooklyn, NY, but was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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