Summation / LA is developing a new work and investigating ideas of home as both a feeling and a place, the body and the earth.
We are in the beginning stages of the process and are interested in hearing from a wide audience as we continue to find commonalities and themes. If these ideas interest you, please take a moment to journal about these questions and/or fill out our anonymous survey.
Feel free to answer all of the questions or just the ones that speak to you. Thank you for creating art with us!
  1. When you hear the word home, how do you feel and what image immediately comes to mind? Can you tell me more about that space, who was in it? What did it smell like? Can you recall a core memory that happened in that space and tell me about it?
  2. What are the incessant thoughts that preoccupy your mind on a daily basis? What is your running internal dialogue? Write down as many as you can.
  3. Why do you think these thoughts replay in your mind? Where did you learn them / from whom?
  4. What is something you can do at home that you would never do outside? Are there any intimate moments you can pinpoint as being particularly painful, shameful, joyous, eccentric that have happened to you at home, either in solitude or with family / friends?
  5. Do you think of your body as your home? How does it feel to be in your body? (For example, where do you feel most alive in your body? Where do you feel a lack of sensation? What parts of your body feel like they do or don’t cooperate and how do you deal with that on a daily basis?) Can you tell me about a time when you felt not at home in your body, or like your body was failing you?
  6. What, if anything, from your home space do you not want to pass on or carry with you? What do you want to recreate, if anything, and how do you go about doing that?